Civil & Concrete

Garry Gillespie Constructions (GGC) has over thirty four years experience in the Australian Construction and Civil works industry and, is well known for our safety, speed and high quality. We take on the jobs that the others say are to hard or leave behind.

Our capabilites include concrete construction, structural steel erection and cladding, tilt panel construction, poly welding, civil drainage and much more.

GGC has a trusted name in the mining, manufacturing, and timber milling industries for delivering projects on time, budget and within specifications. This has meant that GGC has been asked back time and time again by our clients.

White Liquor Plant - Visy Pulp and Paper VPP10 Project

White Liquor Plant area completed 2 months ahead of schedule.

The White Liquor Plant area consisted of the construction of the foundations for the firing and charging buildings, lime kiln drive and bearing plinths and 10 tank bases. The construction was founded on 68, 900mm dia piles 17m deep. The construction was completed 2 months ahead of schedule. This was only one of the many areas involved in the VPP10 expansion Project, other areas GGC undertook the structural concrete construction were the Paper Machine, Chemical Recovery Boiler, Turbine, RCF Plant, Evaporators, Cooling Towers and Reel Store area. Our scope of work was for approx 40,000m3 of structural concrete across the site.

In Ground Service Installation - Newcrest Mining’s Cadia East Project

Installation of 33kv conduits, 200mm HDPE fire line and comms.

At Cadia in ground HV power was required to be encased in lean mix concrete. The above photo is typical of our work. The above service run was 120m long and consisted of 10 power conduits, 1 comms and a HDPE fire water line. From commencement of excavation to the completion of the backfilling the job was completed in 2.5 days.

14,000 m2 Concrete Warehouse Floor – Visy Tumut NSW

Built at a rate of 2000m2 per day - every day.

The Reel Store warehouse floor was constructed to very tight roughness tolerances (+/- 2mm over a 3m straight edge) and minimum jointing. Although the tolerances were tight, the floor design was quite contemporary with one layer of SL82 and 150mm thick with a 32MPa mix design.

Placement was aided by our Laser Screed technology and several ride on trowel machines.

GGC constructed the warehouse floor after the shed had been constructed over 8 days, with a Sunday (non-work day) in the middle. Each day a 2000m2 floor section containing 400m3 of low shrinkage concrete was placed and finished. The floor was commenced on the Monday of one week and completed by Tuesday the week following.

To maintain the tight tolerances on use of materials the sand base was also graded to laser to accurately follow the designed underside of slab.